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BrightlyLED is a diversified hi-tech manufacturing and sales distribution company which is specialised in promoting eco-friendly and energy saving LED lighting solutions. Our products are sold worldwide and are widely used in general area lighting, architectural lighting, decorative and mood lighting, security lighting and street lighting and ever increasingly home lighting. BrightlyLED believes in conservation, sustainability and saving energy, in addition to excellent performance.

We dedicate ourselves to supplying high quality LED lighting as we believe the benefits of these innovative products to be huge and uncompromising, for both the buyer and the environment. These products guarantee the buyer long term savings on energy expenditure!

All our products are certified and built to the standards of UL and CE. Moreover, all our products are confirmed to be compliant to RoHS and REACH. Brightly LED supplies this new LED technology which is produced using high quality parts and meets all UK regulations. Brightly LED’s mission is to lead the way in providing the UK  with this energy saving, environmentally sound technology whilst also allowing the consumer access to extremely competitively priced bulbs.




Our mission is to develop and promote energy saving lighting products (LEDs) for our clients in order to save the environment for our future generations…we hope to play our part in reducing the UK’s CO2 Emissions levels.


Our Products


LED stands for light emitting diode; this is an electrical light source that generates high light levels with low KWH use. Brightly LED supplies a large range of LED lighting products ideal for use in households, offices, displays, security lighting and street lighting.

Our replacement series of bulbs include all the standard UK fittings – Bayonet (B22), Edison screw (E27), GU10 and MR16.

Our LED’s generate light outputs equivalent and better than standard UK bulbs, for although they are available in the typical yellow light emitted by standard UK bulbs they are also available in white light which has been proven to create a better working and living environment for people.



SEIBU UK LTD is based primarily in South Wales, with admin offices in London. We also operate in conjunction with agents working in offices across the world to supply our clients with energy and money saving lighting solutions at the most affordable prices..

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