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MR16 - Regular performance.

product type: 2 x 1.3W high power LED, power consumption 3W.

The regular performance version can produce the same output as a 15W halogen MR16 and has a lifespan 8 times as long as the traditional halogen version!



  • Product Type:2X1.3W High power LED
  • Power Consumption:3W
  • Voltage:12VAC/DC
  • Lifespan:30 000 hrs(min)
  • Beam Angles: 25/60 degrees
  • Weight:25g
  • Colours: Neutral White (4200k)
  • Mounting/Connection: Standard GU5.3
  • Size:4.9cm(Diameter) X 4.7cm(Height)

Our LED MR16's are direct replacements for the old style MR16 bulbs, these super efficient LED MR16's give great light output and offer excellent savings on energy costs. We supply regular, high and the ultra high performance models.

Our MR16 bulb is a GU5.3 base LED spotlight designed to replace the tradtional halogen MR16's. These products can range in brightness, beam angle and colour temperature.

lumens dependent on colour temperature (lm)

Specification 2500k 3300k 4200k 6200k
Regular 85 90 95 100
High 125 130 135 140
Ultra high 185 190 195 200

The bulbs contain absolutely no mercury, no UV, and are complient with RoHS, UL, CE international safety standards..

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